Monday, January 6, 2014

Big News... Round Two!

It’s been one week since we launched our new brand and we have been overwhelmed with the response! We are almost to 5000 likes on our Facebook page and the hundreds of shares, comments, retweets, reposts,  etc… have been unlike anything we have seen! We can do nothing but thank you all for your support of us and our growing business! While our business is booming, we have some other really exciting news.

As many of you know, Adam has been working at The Masters Inn summer camp since 2007. The Masters Inn is where many of our shoots have taken place and it has played a huge role in our business and our personal lives. We met there, got engaged there, and lived there. Through The Masters Inn, we have seen hundreds of lives changed and we have seen God move in big ways. We are nothing but thankful for how camp has influenced our lives. In 2013, with a new family of five and a growing business;  our house quickly became small, our free time quickly diminished, and we realized we had to make a change. After many months of prayers and thoughts, we have decided that Adam is going to leave The Masters Inn and devote more time to our business and our family. This week we moved into our new four bedroom house and we plan on finishing our basement with a family room and an office in the next year :)

2013 was a year of rapid growth and nonstop going. This year we are going to focus more on simplifying our lives and spending time enjoying life. With Adam no longer at The Masters Inn, our turn-around time for photos is going to be quicker, the dates we have available will increase, our social media and blogs will be updated more frequently, Adam will be teaching photography classes through Pastiche at Main, we will design and sell more albums , Adam will build more picture frames and sell more prints online and at Pastiche. Hopefully the many changes will benefit you all and our business will be able to grow even more! There is much to look forward to in 2014 and we cant wait to share it with you all!

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