Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wedding Exits. What's right for your wedding!?

Now that the holidays are here you may have some time off work or will be spending a lot of time in the car traveling to one place or another you may be able to settle down and start making decisions for your big day! Whether small or big there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to planning a wedding.  One of those things is your exit. In my opinion the exit can be some of the most fun pictures of the entire day! When choosing an exit consider what time of day your exit will take place. If you are doing your exit before dark you more than likely want to choose something besides sparklers since they won’t be as noticeable in pictures before dark.

With that being said there are plenty of different types of exits you can choose from. Below are a few examples to get some ideas flowing for you! 

Sprinkles!? As a cupcake/cake lover I was pretty excited about this one! {Just don't get hit in the eye ;)}

Balloons are a perfect choice for a mid-day exit! 

Birdseed is classic and timeless. 

LOVE the flower petal exit! This may be one of my favorites from 2014! 

I will never tire of a good sparkler exit. The trick is to make sure you purchase the 3ft. sparklers. If not they burn out too quickly and don't make as great of an impact in photos {the small ones are often very smoky too}. And if you give us an extra 5 minutes we can get some super magical shots like the one above! Doesn't that remind you of Cinderella!?