Sunday, August 31, 2014

Adam Mullins Photography and Pastiche at Main

Sarah and I started our business taking professional pictures of people when we got married in 2009; but my photography journey started way before that with a Nikon Coolpix. I have always taken pictures of nature and have enjoyed getting out in God's creation and just marveling at His work.  At least half of all Saturdays in a year Sarah and I are off shooting a wedding and a couple days a week we take pictures of families or high-school seniors. Our work is comprised of people, which I love, but there has always been something special to me about sitting silently with my camera and just waiting for God to show me something.

A year ago this Saturday, some of my best friends opened an incredibly unique shop here in Lynchburg and they allowed me to put some of my work on their walls. Before then, my "hobby" work had only been hung on my walls and seen by my own family. I was nervous because it was my private work, my hobby, my creative outlet, now being displayed for all to judge and look at. 

To my surprise, people bought my images, people hung my work on their walls. They saw in my images what I saw the moment I originally captured it. My images are very special to me and so are the frames I make to go with them.  I will often make a frame with a specific picture in mind. I handmake all of the frames out of repurposed wood found here in Lynchburg. Most all of my images are taken here locally as well.

Over the past year, I have sold many of my images and frames at Pastiche at Main. I have learned a lot since the grand opening of Pastiche. For one, I learned how to properly make a picture frame. My first frame was made entirely with a circular saw and an antique drill in my basement. Now my frames are handmade in a shed dedicated just to building them. I now use about 10 tools to make every frame and they are much more precise and sturdy. 

I am forever grateful for Haley and Adam Pavao and the leap of faith they took opening a small business and allowing me to play a small part in it. If it were not for Pastiche at Main, my images would still be hiding in a folder on my hard-drive. Selling frames and images has allowed me to meet and collaborate with dozens of other local creatives and it has become much more than just a hobby. 

This Saturday, Aug 6th, I encourage you to go to Pastiche at Main and see not just my work, but the work of several other local creatives who have similar stories to mine. 

Too see some of my work that will be for sale at Pastiche at their One Year Celebration, click this link